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Jacob's Bedroom Tour.


Jacob's Bedroom Tour.

Michelle Pulman

This is sort of embarrassing to admit, but I’ve been meaning to publish this post for nearly a year and a half , but haven’t gotten around to it until now because, well… life. I’ve also totally neglected this blog, but plan to publish more posts on a regular basis so try to bear with me!

Before we moved into the new house, Jacob had a fairly sizable room in Hoboken, which included his crib, a sofa, dresser and armoire. You can view his old nursery in this post. When we moved, I made the conscious decision to try and keep his room as close to the old room as possible, in terms of design and elements, so he wouldn’t have too much of a shock — and I’m happy to say that we were able to accomplish this! Nearly everything from his old room fit into the new space (with the exception of the armoire, which we moved to a spare room) and I even hung all of the same pieces of art up on the walls.

I know we’ll be transitioning him to a big boy bed one day (but not anytime soon!) and with that, his room will change once more, but for now, I think it’s pretty perfect <3

See below for photos of the space!

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