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My Favorite Etsy Picks.

Michelle Pulman

Lately, I've been working on a number of gallery walls (you can read about my own gallery wall here) -- and while it's always fun to use personal photographs, more and more of these walls have incorporated artwork. In addition to using pieces from some of my favorite big artists, I've been increasingly drawn to Etsy for its unique pieces from smaller artists. Read on for a roundup of my current favorites.. 

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A Hoboken Gallery Wall.

Michelle Pulman

I'm currently working on a really fun gallery wall for an apartment in Hoboken that I just can't wait to share! Gallery walls in general are usually tons of fun to put together (as you know, I hung my own gallery wall just a few weeks ago!) -- but it's even more exciting to work with someone who shares a similar taste in art and photography. Read on for a sneak peek at some of some of the art we're planning to include!

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