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Funfetti Napoleon Cake.


Funfetti Napoleon Cake.

Michelle Pulman

This past weekend, I baked a (pretty amazing) Napoleon cake for my mom's birthday. What made it so amazing, you ask? Well, SPRINKLES!

Adding sprinkles to just about any dessert immediately makes it more fun (and in this case, more beautiful). Now, I can't take credit for the original recipe -- it's actually one that my mom saw on Tasting Table months ago and sent to me -- but I wanted to share it anyway because this cake was so much fun to make. 

I pretty much followed the original recipe step-by-step. The only change I made was in decorating the top layer of the cake; I didn't have a small enough piping tip to make dainty lines, so I improvised and used a fork to drizzle the colorful icing on top. It's a different look but still came out really nicely. Oh, and I baked the puff pastry the night before and kept it in the fridge, until I was ready to assemble it the next day.

See below for a few photos of the cake (sorry, I forgot to capture each step). It's definitely something I'll be baking again! 

Here's a shot of the piped Funfetti marscapone filling before I added the top.

The finished product!

Another shot of the cake; all ready to cut into.

Close-up of the layers

My beautiful mom with her cake.

First slice