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Good Morning & Good Night.


Good Morning & Good Night.

Michelle Pulman

The hardest part of designing Jake's nursery has been finding the right pieces of artwork to hang on the walls. I was thrilled with the rabbit print (which you can view here) that we hung over the sofa; it's adorable and absolutely massive, so it really covers the wall perfectly. is really a lifesaver when you're looking for large pieces of art.

For over Jake's crib, I originally hung a beloved Gray Malin print, but over the past few weeks, I've come to accept that sadly, it's really too small for that wall. Here's a photo of the print on the wall:

The print is absolutely gorgeous, but as you can see, it really gets lost on the wall (I even tried to balance the size by framing it with two smaller prints, but it still doesn't work). Gray Malin deserves better, so I'll find a new place in our house for it.

In the meantime, I've been on the hunt for a new (read: large) piece of art to hang over the crib, and since I had such success creating the Peter Pan quote, I thought I'd try my hand at DIY'ing something again. While searching for inspiration,  I stumbled upon these posters from Bethany Menzel's blog on Apartment Therapy and immediately fell in love with them:

The simplicity of the posters was so appealing and I loved how playful the font was. And the icing on the cake? The blog offers a free to download of the posters, so I could print them in any size -- which made them a perfect fit for Jake's nursery! I printed each on photo paper at Staples ($11 for 18x24) and used my favorite gray wood wall frames from Michael's (which were on sale for only $20). I had to slightly trim the posters to fit the frames perfectly, but I think they came out really well! Here are a few shots of them hanging over the crib:

For now, I absolutely love them. If you'd like to print them yourself, you can do so here.

Happy New Year! :)