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Home Sweet Hoboken.


Home Sweet Hoboken.

Michelle Pulman

When planning the move to Hoboken, I knew that decorating our new home would be a really exciting (and daunting!) project. For the past five years, we had lived in small 1BR Manhattan apartments with limited space, nearly non-existent kitchens, poor natural light, and white plaster walls. Buying a new home across the Hudson not only gave us more square footage, but also the freedom to finally customize as we saw fit.

Before moving in, we decided to have the entire condo painted. (If you're able to paint before moving in, that's totally the way to go. We hired painters to come in a few weeks before our move-in date, which was a huge help). Since we have dark wood floors throughout, I wanted the wall colors to be on the lighter side so the space wouldn't feel too dark. In the end, we chose Benjamin Moore "Bunny Gray," for the living, dining, and kitchen areas (more about the other rooms later!). 

In terms of furniture, we decided it would be best to part with most of our Manhattan furniture before the move -- which meant we really had to think hard about how we wanted our new home to look and feel. Since this is still technically a small space (1,300 sq. ft.), I chose to keep it simple with a monochromatic color scheme that would tie all of the rooms together. 

Hope you love the finished space as much as we do! Source list below: