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Gold and Gray Living Room Redesign.


Gold and Gray Living Room Redesign.

Michelle Pulman

A friend recently moved into a new apartment in Hoboken and asked me to help design the layout of her living room.

The apartment is long and narrow with the master bedroom and bathroom at opposite ends and the living room connecting the space. With most of the natural light coming from the two corners of the apartment, my goal is to create a light and airy living room that's warm and inviting. And, since she's often hosting friends, we need a space that can easily transform into the perfect gathering spot for book club meetings or a girls' night in. 

Our color scheme will be muted grays and pops of gold, and we'll choose pieces of furniture that can easily be moved around the apartment based on need.

Below is a mood board I created for the space:

Once the furniture is installed, we'll also begin work on a gallery wall that will add color and charm to the living room! I seriously can't wait to share how this project turns out! Stay tuned for photos of the redesigned space in the coming weeks!!